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Does anyone beleive that they would be more willing to enter their cutting horses if we had BREED shows? I think it would intice more QH's Paint's ect. to develope those breeds in the cutting classes. As it is now the appy's and to a degree Arab's have ,for some reason a lock on the cutting. We could have daily cutting for each breed and once or twice a month have a big open all breed cutting.. I for one have a pretty decent QH colt that places in the top 20-30 and is one of the top NON-Appaloosa or Arabian.,,,however I question why I keep entering him only to lose the entry fee each time.'
Would it not encourge more owners to enter if they had a chance to place in the money ?

anyone? thoughts ...these are mine anyway.
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I, and others have suggested a monthly breed specialty that included classes for all the performace disciplines - EP, WP, and Cutting - as well as halter for each breed.

It did not receive a lot of comments although I believe there is plenty of support for the concept. There was some resistance based on the fear of diluting the entries and thus reducing the current payouts. My view - if it's one day per month that we have 5 specialty shows (5 breeds) the dilution in the all-breeds is irrelevant. If they are spread out through the month (Arabs on the 5th, QH on the 10th, etc) it is still only a dilution for 5 days out of every 30 - still irrelevant in my opinion.

I will strongly support any movement toward getting this to happen. It has got to be a fairly simple process - just a matter of adding the breed restriction - and produce an immediate boost for all breeds.

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