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 DemiGod Stables
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I am new to ShowHorse. I have a very successful ranch on ShowCattle and did play ShowDog a few years ago. I'm looking to have success with the horses.
Currently I have Arabians, Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds.
I have a question about Western Pleasure, English Pleasure and Cutting.
I believe I read that WP is at age 2 and EP and C are at age 3. Can a horse enter these events before reaching that age to get experience?
And why is everyone enter cutting as Amateur?
Thanks for your time.
New to ShowHorse
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Hello and welcome to ShowHorse.

Any horse any age can enter any event at the amateur level and yes you should use that to build experience for both you and the horse.

In Pro there is no age issue for halter competition, however for both EP and WP the age for Pro is 2 years and up, and for Cutting it is 3 years and up. This is based on the biological age (they age on the same day of the month as they were born), not the official age (which changes on the first of the month). Breeding age however is based on the official age (2 years). (I always feel this is such a strange inconsistency, but whatever.)

On your "My Account" page you will see some skill ratings. You gain skill points by competing and it does not matter if you are doing Pro or Amateur. EP and WP share the same 100 points which means if you do both in your stable the best you can get is 50 points each. If you do more of one than the other you might have 75 for one and 25 for the other. Halter/In-Hand has its own 100 points and skill points were never implemented for Cutting so there is no conflict. These points apply to you, the rider. They are based on a rolling thirty days – if you stop showing for several days you will see dips in your skill point total.

Horses also "learn" from being in shows. We do not have training as such so show experience fills that gap. You should see a gradual improvement as your horse ages. This effect is most pronounced in EP/WP, may be in Cutting too but O'm not sure, but is essentially non-existent in Halter/In-Hand.

EP and WP shows must have a minimum entry - I believe they will run with 10 entries but I always try to fill them to 12 to 14 (It's very frustrating to take the time to enter and then find the show did not run.) Cutting shows will run with one entry however.

After an initial burst of activity, Cutting has dropped off considerably. Cutting itself appears to work fairly well - the horses that place high usually continue to place high however the scores and placements do vary from one day to the next even with the same horses competing. The issue I think with Cutting is more that for whatever reason, one breed has developed way beyond any of the other breeds.

Now, this is just my opinion, I really don't know what other folks are thinking but I believe that this is the answer to why everyone enters Amateur - no entry fees.

People have lost interest in competing at Pro level since it just amounted to giving money to the one or two breeders of Cutting Appaloosa and not having a 'hope in Heck' of that ever changing. Those who were breeding Appy cutters lost interest because all they did was win back their own entry fees as no one else was entering. There are still a few stables around that are working with Appys, QH and Paints and even Arabs. From time to time an occasional TB project gets started for a bit as well. The horses score the same whether it’s Pro or Ammy so we just enter Ammy most of the time to gage our progress. Since the score is not dependant on the number of entries, it can be meaningfully compared to scores yesterday or last year, an entry of one or 100.

Now, if someone wishes to give it a go in Pro, I know where there are some nice Arab cutters . . .

 Riverbend Farm
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8/22/2016 10:10:17 AM reply with quote send message to Riverbend Farm Object to Post

Well, I answered the challenge.

I entered 6 Arabs in the Arizona Open Pro. Cost me $300.

There were 9 entries all together and three of mine took the top three places bringing home $450 (229.50+130.50+90.00) so my net proceeds from the experiment was $150. (There were no Appys entered.)

Works for me (lol) cuz this stable is way in debt, carrying too many horses for too long working this project.

Anyone seriously interested in this project is welcome to join. I'll be happy to provide seed stock. My studs are all cheap and public. We perhaps need to have a gentleman's agreement to enter non-Appys only though if we are going to enter Pro and have a maintainable game.
 DemiGod Stables
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Wow that is alot of Arabians you have. Two of my Arabians will be foaling tomorrow and the next day. My first two foals in the game. I'm excited.

I would be interested in attaining a few of your Arabians.
My focus is now on Thoroughbreds though.
 Gaylan Training Center
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