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Author Topic : Suggestions for getting started
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It's assumed you are going to stay a Basic stable for the first few days and you are limited to 5 horses. We really hope you will like the game and subscribe though. I’m posting this hoping to give all you new folks a better start.

Pick a discipline - we have halter, Western Pleasure(WP), English Pleasure(EP), and Cutting.

Pick a breed. We only have 5 at the moment - Arab, Appaloosa, Paint, Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred.

Before you create Free starters, you should check out the auctions and perhaps more so check out the recent results (left hand sidebar) and write nice notes to some of the top placing stables. Let them know what you are looking for, just as you would with a real horse - you are new and would like to get a (breed) to start showing in (discipline).

Ask questions. Although this is just a game and the horses are not real breeders here have often taken some time to develop their lines. If they have a nice promising filly or colt or perhaps a nice older horse that is still doing ok but they have better ones coming up they may not want to sell it to someone who is going to login once or twice never to be seen again leaving that nice promising horse sitting in an abandoned account. Show that established player that you are interested in learning how the game works, where it reflects real life and where it departs somewhat, especially if you have real horse experience. We don't care if you have real horses or have just wished you could. All are welcome as long as you abide by the rules of the game, good manners, ethical actions (not everything is covered in the rules but that does not make it acceptable behavior).

The more convinced the established player is of your sincerity the better a horse they are going to let you have.

Check out the auctions too but remember, these are horses the breeders/current owners don’t want anymore. Some are still going to be decent horses to begin with, but the ones that the breeders are still hanging on to are likely better. It’s where the cut-off point is –there will be some that just make it, and some that don’t. Those that don’t are going to go to auction and liquidation.

Starters are free but they fill your 5-horse barn and cost just as much to feed and show as a game-bred horse. That game bred horse is more likely to bring in a bit of prize money to help offset the fees.

Your first shows should be amateur – they are free to enter but there are no payouts either. You need to build up your skill points – this is why it’s important to identify a discipline. Entering shows, regardless of the results will build your skill points which will improve your results. Be wary of doing both EP and WP because they share a single 100 skill point allotment. Halter has its own 100 point allotment and to date, there are no skill points for Cutting.
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