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 Arizona Falls Paints
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4/20/2017 10:05:11 AM reply with quote send message to Arizona Falls Paints Object to Post   

Hello everyone!
So I have a question!
Yes,I'm still a rookie....
So,how do you get Event Rank,Community Rank and Account Prestige?
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4/20/2017 12:23:15 PM reply with quote send message to Adare Object to Post

I'm pretty sure those things are not operational. Mine all say zero.
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4/20/2017 9:33:10 PM reply with quote send message to GaylanStudio Object to Post

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I've been here since forever and I never even noticed those. And since mine are blank or zero I suspect they have never been activated.

I believe based on ShowDog some of them (Community) are based on stuff like forum activity.

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Replies in this thread : 2

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