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Author Topic : Age 0 in Western Pleasure
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You can apparently enter these babies in Pro WP and I presume in EP as well. I thought they had to be two but it seems this is not the case.

They do not do all that well though I think and the horses generally seem to get better with age in this event. I'm not sure if age specifically is a factor or if it's just experience which I definitely believe is a factor.

So, if you have a horse that looks like it should do well in EP/WP and it doesn't, don't give up too soon, keep entering. If you can get 12 to 15 or more entries you can use amateur (no entry fee) to build that experience. Unfortunately the shows don't seem to run if there are fewer entries - the minimum is maybe 12 but I'm not sure exactly what it is so I try for 20.

Note that you, as the rider, also gain skill points (see that under your 'My Account' link). EP and WP share a 100 point total - if you do both equally, the best you can get is 50 in each. If you do all WP or all EP you can get up to 100.
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4/23/2017 8:36:44 PM reply with quote send message to Arizona Falls Paints Object to Post

Well,I'm still a rookie with very little horse shows knowledge,so I've been entering EP and WP shows the minute I get the horse in the stables!!! Lol
So yeah,age 0 is fine to enter Pro-EP/WP...but you're right,they do not do good at that age...experience and skill points may also be a factor,because I've bought a 7 year old horse,seasoned and always doing great in either discipline and when I enter this shows,it stays in like 3rd in class,4th in semi... and that has to be because of the experience and skill points...I think.
I also think the StDv has something to do with the results,the lower,the better...still trying to figure out if high has an effect on how you place it EP=Tall WP=Short ?
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4/24/2017 12:05:39 PM reply with quote send message to Cache Creek Object to Post

I don't believe size is a major factor in EP/WP although StD does seem to have some influence. Also OAT - higher is better but not sure if 100+ is good or bad or as it is in Halter.
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4/28/2017 5:38:01 AM reply with quote send message to Tranquility Acres Object to Post

I have never entered mine in pro until two. I can't imagine a virtual world of foals with umbilicals attached shucking around a heavy western saddle!! HAHA
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4/28/2017 10:50:12 AM reply with quote send message to Adare Object to Post

In Trophyhorse, foals were born aged one. So you got one month of training and their first races at age two.

Damn I miss that game. sad :(
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4/28/2017 10:57:52 PM reply with quote send message to GaylanStudio Object to Post

Yeah, I've been on SH since it started. I've always thought it was 2 for EP/WP and never even questioned it. I'm not sure if this has always this way or if it changed somewhere, somehow along the way.

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