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 Arizona Falls
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Why is Polo not being entered?
It’s great and your horses don’t need all of those traits needed in EP,WP,HiH...more like not too tall( the average right now is 15.1) decent Balance and Muscling and good Agility and surefoot,so basically all those horses you’re sending down the liquidation pipe are great for Polo!!! Lol
Polo anyone???
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Unfortunately there are some elements of Polo that have been missing since the redesign (2013 or so). I have looked into this 2 or 3 times in the last year or two.

If you log in through the old SH site, the missing components are still there but they are no longer fully functional. I don't know what is involved in getting these functions restored.

To be honest, there are issues with the Polo component although it was never fully implemented. Tournaments are listed but were never actually available although we could at one time run "friendly" matches.
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Ohh,that’s too bad...we could’ve save lots of horses from being liquidated and help the cash flow in SH with the payouts...
How did it work in those friendly matches?
Was it 2 teams,4 riders each,6 chukkers?
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We created a team of 4 riders and 8 horses, 2 assigned to each rider. Then we "challenged" other teams to matches. The other team could decline I believe but I don't think anyone ever did.

Chukkers were never defined, we just got final scores - i.e 11 - 9 TeamA. There was a handicapping system that I believe was linked to each rider. I can't remember how that worked exactly now - something about the difference in the total handicap being added or subtracted from the other teams score - really can't remember.

What I did discover was that the horse did not seem to impact the results at all. TeamA could have been riding donkeys and still win if they had the better riders.

As I said, I don't think it was fully developed so if there were other considerations that were planned, such as chukkers and horse quality they had not been implemented.

By the way, that was me earlier - got timed out.

Yes too bad, we could use the additional scope in the game. We did get Cutting after that which for the most part appears to work fairly well. We could use the entry by horse function and for adding payouts (something missing in that) to actually work.

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Was wondering that myself, as I clicked on Polo but a blank schedule comes up with no way to enter any horses.
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11/10/2017 7:01:56 PM reply with quote send message to Painters Object to Post

Ok, based on this "new knowledge", how many folks (stables) would be interested in Polo - as is condition, just functioning?

As things stand, I can't honestly suggest that we will see anything change but just out of curiosity . . .

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