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 Cache Creek
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We are not quitting! But we do have to suspend the showing for a few weeks due to financial considerations. Our stable fees at the moment are pretty good ($840) but our cash balance is unfortunately about the same ($891).

We have been spending over $400 per day on show entries and getting back 2 to 3 hundred or so. No one is buying our foals or using our studs sufficiently to make up the difference so we have decided to suspend our showing. We will leave the current entries and possible do a bit of amateur but at the moment we can not afford to pay entry fees.

ShowHorse needs more players mostly to inject more money into the game.
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yes!! I agree! we need more members! I had stopped breeding my horses cause I noticed a decline in members playing. Why breed to sell if nobody is buying?
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Absolutely! Everyone needs to get out there and "twist a few arms" of susceptible friends and family.

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