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I don't know how critical this is to anything but when you enter young horses in WP and most likely EP as well, they do not seem to perform to their potential.

While horses of a similar age should be comparable to each other as far as general order of placement, it seems that until they hit the two year mark they do not do as well as their numbers (and pedigree) would suggest. This seems to be based on the biological age, so two months after their birthdate you should start to see an improvement in their actual placement.

Example - Gold Coast. He turned a biological 2 years on December 10th.

Check his show results. He's been shown in WP mostly against my own horses. Note the change starting December 11th.

Don't discard those youngsters too soon! They do need to be shown to develop their invisible "training" score. You as the rider also need to develop your skill points (those are visible on your Account page).

About those skill points, I'm not sure it's spelled out but those 100 skill points for WP and EP are shared. You can earn 100 for WP or 100 for EP. If you do both equally often you can only acquire 50 points for each. If you are serious about WP or EP you are best to pick one or the other (and have a separate stable if you want to do both).

Ideally, we could use amateur shows to develop our WP/EP youngsters but its difficult when the shows don't give any results unless there are at least 10 entered, so it seems, and better if there are 15 to 20 or more but we are not seeing enough consistent participation in these events. Hopefully this little blurb will encourage more participation in this aspect of the game.

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