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Author Topic : Would this help?
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Ok, scraping the bottom of the idea barrel:

We have an agreement among Cutting breeders which is working fairly well - not great because we still don't have enough players overall. So, thinking about EP/WP, I wondered if something similar might encourage more folks to give these a more earnest try.

The fact is, we are unlikely to get any actual programming changes so we have to find solutions that we can implement by agreement. I think there is a possibility of getting the show fees changed depending on what is actually involved so I'm going to ask.

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How many of us have a Basic account that we are using?

We are allowed 1 free Basic. I know because of the financial and other limitations there is not too much you can do with them (short-sighted restrictions in some cases in my humble opinion) nevertheless, they get 10 grand and if each of them spends that on horses and entry fees that pumps ten thousand into the economy.

Just a thought . . .
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If we can do that it sounds worth trying since it does not cost anyone anything and if all active players agreed to hold a basic account there is no loss to any of us and maybe it would significantly boost the game.

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