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Author Topic : Just checking the EP/WP results.
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In yesterday's High Desert show the top six horses in WP have average winnings for the event of 217, 223, 67, 150, 94, and 65 dollars per show.

In the Showpark EP show the numbers are a bit lower - not as many entries overall I think, but still 85, 86, 54. 56, 40, and 42.

And yet I see the same 3 to 5 stables entered and many of those I know to be the same person.

There is money to be made here folks!

I know breeding for EP/WP is a little more mysterious but we want a challenge, don't we? And it can be bred for. Some of those halter horses that are not quite right for halter may make decent EP/WP, maybe even those cutting horses.

What do you need? Well, as I say, it's not all that precise but common wisdom is first 18 traits as even as possible. (This is where Standard Deviation comes in - you want it low.) Oat also plays a role - you want it high. Temperament - ideally 55 and lower for WP and 60 plus for EP. Between 50 and 60 it can go either way I think.

Age matters! Or at least experience. The more you show the better the results so don't just give up after 3 shows. While the game allows "babies" to compete in Pro except for comparing like ages I don't think it gives you a true reading until they are more mature - 2 at least, maybe 3.

You, the rider have an impact too. Take a look at the "Skill" points on your "My Account" page. You earn those by showing - Pro or Amateur - doesn't matter. Start in Amateur until you build them up. (They last for 30 days. If you quit showing for several days, you'll see a dip. The more you show the faster they will go up.) EP and WP share a 100 point total. If you do both equally, each will max out at 50. If you do one or the other it will max out at 100. Best to chose one or the other. If you have more than one stable, do EP in one and WP in the other.

There may be a familiarity factor too - a horse and rider form a partnership. If you sell or just move a horse they may show a dip under the new "rider".

Apart from temperament factors there does not seem to be a breed bias - at least not a strong one. Paints can do well in either depending (mostly?) on the temperament.

Examples of horses doing both about equally:

For some reason EP/WP shows do not work with low entries unfortunately. You need to have at least 10 and preferably 20 or more entries in either Pro or Amateur in order for the show to execute properly.

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Thank you so much for the time you have put into this explanation of showing beyond Halter . I will follow you explanation instead of "shot gunning" my shows. All my stables THANK YOU*****
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My computer crashed and I've been out...I have some nice western stock for sale, some proven money makers, ready to go. Also some good brood stock. Just keeping most of the younger and new stock now that I'm back.
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Welcome back! I noticed that you were somewhat AWOL. Glad to hear that it was just a technology glitch. I'll have a look.

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