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Has anyone hit an 800 yet?? I know we have come close...Anyone ever use chat?
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Not really a "chatter" but I occasionally step in. It was a lot more popular in the early years of these games. No one there right now.

OAT? Hmmm, well I have perhaps a different view of this value which can make mine lower - I use an "adjusted" OAT reducing the over 100 values as needs to be done for the halter score.

Speaking of which, I think that it's Halter Score you probably mean in your title since I think we are pretty much past 800 in OAT no matter how you calculate it. I don't believe 800 has been met yet but there have been a few 774s and a 775 in Paints. I believe there was a 780 in one of those big stables that left a year or so ago.

You also need to check the calculation (buyer beware). It's not being done on purpose to mislead but I don't think the adjusting is always being done correctly.

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Sorry....yes that is what I meant
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If you're referring to halter scores I definitely think I am finally on the right track to getting closer to the "800". My calculations have been to total the muscling traits and then Xs that by .33 and then adding the conformation traits. So technically the best score I can get is 798. My best horse was Leviathan. 776 halter score

That was a long time ago but now I have multiple 770+ (4 stallions and 2 mares) horses and 760s are becoming more common to get. Its definitely a rush to get closer and closer.

Replies in this thread : 3

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