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Hey everyone, I need your help!

So with this account I am trying the improve QHs that also have color. I am in the middle of making a spreadsheet, that will include the %of colored vs solid foals he/she throws.

If you have a QH that is and/or has thrown color PLEASE message me or reply to this thread with the following...

# of Foals (# foals solid, # foals color)
**OK to submit geldings, or stallions/mares never bred(or bred yet)

I know it seems labor intensive, but once I have a bunch of info I will be publishing it for all to see and keeping up on the data.

Thank you so much in advance! laugh :D

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I can probably help you out with this but I wondered what you considered "colour".

Although I know that there are a whole raft of genes that produce various white patterns and combinations of these patterns, in ShowHorse only the Tobiano gene is actually in play and it is a simple dominant - T/T and T/t are pinto/paint, t/t is solid. Any horse that is solid will not carry the spotting gene.

T/T will produce 100% spotted (Paint)no matter what it is bred to.

T/t bred to T/t will produce pinto 3 times out of 4, with 1 solid (t/t). One of the pintos will be T/T, the other 2 will be T/t.

T/t bred to a solid (t/t) will produce 2 pinto and 2 solids, the pintos being T/t.

This will of course vary but will hold true over time with larger numbers of foals.

I have bred my Paints with this in mind so I produce relatively few solids - I test breed periodically. I have bred my QH to be solid (Cache Creek) so relatively few Tobianos.

You can't actually go by the pattern in the pictures - they were just more or less randomly assigned to cover the whole spectrum of white spotting.

If you include palomino/buckskin/cremelo/perlino it's the semi-dominant cr gene - C/cr is pal/buck, cr/cr is cremelo/perlino.

Edit: For additional information . . .
Appaloosas are solid or patterned in a similar way with L standing for "Leopard" being dominant and producing the pattern. L/l will be patterned but carry the solid, l/l will appear solid. Recent studies have identified a second gene which influences the type of pattern.

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This horse is T/t

He is actually a grey Tobiano but for some reason (I asked a long time ago and the answer did not make sense but they brushed me off when I questioned the response), They opted to just list it as grey - "because it would grey out" (in 2 to 5 years) "and just appear as a white". And it saved having to make one more picture.

He produces mostly blacks and grulla and Tobis of those shades. There are a couple of bay types. He's likely (a)/a,G/g,T/t. [(a)/a - the (a) means that this allele is probable but not proven thus (a)/a means that the horse is known to carry the recessive allele for black but may be homozygous.

He is also from a cutting line so not that great for halter/EP/WP.

Pines Devils Alibi 672643
NAME------Pines Devils Alibi 672643
BREEDER---Cache Creek
SIRE---Pines Devils Dash (Black Tobiano)
DAM ---Pines Abigail 670992 (Grey,probably solid)
DAM SIRE---Pines Prime Catch (Black)
Total: 29 - Solid: 9 Grey: 15 Tobiano: 5
Note: Many of the greys are probably grey tobis like their sire. Unless they've been bred to solids and produced recognizable tobis, you can't tell. I would expect 50% Tobis when bred to solid t/t mares and 75% when bred to T/t mares.

His son "Pines Abi-Ali 675090" is also a T/t and produces Tobis.

Pines Abi-Ali 675090
Cache Creek
Pines Devils Alibi 672643 (Grey Tobiano T/t)
Pines Abigail (Grey, probably solid t/t)
Total: 9 - Solid: 3 Grey: 3 Tobiano: 3

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