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Author Topic : Do you look at the show results?
 Bourne Acres
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I'm curious. I try to check the results for all the shows and events. I might not do it every day but if I haven't I'll go back a few days to see how my fellow ShowHorse-ers have been doing. I'll sometimes even send a note to someone about it.

I love to see everyone competing. I check out the winners, breed to them or their sires if I can. I occasionally stumble upon some forgotten bloodlines and check out the stables even if they are abandoned to see if there are any available studs that might just have what I'm looking for.

Do you look at the show results?
I check all of them most days. 84.91%
I check all results occasionally. 3.77%
I only check the shows and events I've entered.
None of these really fits. (Please describe your habits regarding results).
I rarely show so I don't check. 7.55%
I check my events occationally. 3.77%
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Replies in this thread : 0

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