Colour Ridge

2 yr Olds
Name Breed Age/Sex
Painters Chocolate Chip Paint Horse 2yo Colt
AZF Pearly Zippo Paint Horse 2yo Filly
AZF Sweet Talk Paint Horse 2yo Filly
ELR Silver N Australia Paint Horse 2yo Filly
Name Breed Age/Sex
Filly #682552 Paint Horse 0yo Filly
Name Breed Age/Sex
Cache Ap Snow Job Appaloosa 9yo Mare
ShelB Phantasia Appaloosa 16yo Mare
AZF GHOST MUSE Appaloosa 3yo Pregnant Mare
Cache Blue Moon Appaloosa 3yo Pregnant Mare
Eastman Just Thinking Appaloosa 3yo Pregnant Mare
ELR Dun Whiz Sweetness Paint Horse 2yo Mare
TQAW Dun Shine Renegade Paint Horse 6yo Mare
TQA A Lot of Flowers Paint Horse 3yo Pregnant Mare
BigSky Rebellious Rose Paint Horse 4yo Pregnant Mare
WHPH Blue Laser Flash Paint Horse 4yo Pregnant Mare
Green River Color Maze Paint Horse 6yo Pregnant Mare
TQA Touch of Indium Paint Horse 7yo Pregnant Mare
A Day Latte Paint Horse 8yo Pregnant Mare
Foals (0-1)
Name Breed Age/Sex
CRA Dolla Dolla Bill Appaloosa 1yo Colt
CRA Moon Spot Appaloosa 1yo Colt
CRA Racing Spot Appaloosa 1yo Colt
CRA Flirtatious Appaloosa 0yo Filly
CRA Gold Moon Rising Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Cache Spotted Skye Appaloosa 1yo Filly
CRA Dream In Color Appaloosa 1yo Filly
CRA Indian Pearl Appaloosa 1yo Filly
CRA Lauffy Taffy Appaloosa 1yo Filly
CRA Red Witch Appaloosa 1yo Filly
CRA Thinking Out Loud Appaloosa 1yo Filly
CRA Touch Of Gold Paint Horse 0yo Colt
CRA White Fox Paint Horse 0yo Colt
CRA Tru Drummer Paint Horse 1yo Colt
CRA America Promise Paint Horse 0yo Filly
CRA Color Me Blue Paint Horse 0yo Filly
CRA Dragonfire Paint Horse 0yo Filly
CRA Fire Maze Paint Horse 0yo Filly
CRA Flower Thief Paint Horse 0yo Filly
CRA Touch Of Fire Paint Horse 0yo Filly
CRA Thunder Road Paint Horse 1yo Filly
Maybe Keep
Name Breed Age/Sex
Colt #682452 Appaloosa 0yo Colt
Gelding #682354 Appaloosa 0yo Gelding
Show Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
AZF GOLDTHUNDER Appaloosa 2yo Colt
Painters Heat Wave Paint Horse 2yo Colt
Name Breed Age/Sex
WHPH Black and Blue Lightning Paint Horse 6yo Stallion
Painters Fire Thief Paint Horse 19yo Stallion
General Info
Signed Up: 2/28/2018
Account Level: Family
Halter/In Hand
Western Pleasure
English Pleasure
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