Dark Ambitions Training Center

0-1 yr olds
Name Breed Age/Sex
DATC A Storms Chance Paint Horse 10yo Stallion
DATC Hailstorm Warnings Paint Horse 10yo Stallion
Name Breed Age/Sex
DAT Im Mystified Appaloosa 8yo Mare
DATC A Mighty Storm Paint Horse 10yo Mare
P8nteds A Storms A Comin Paint Horse 12yo Mare
P8nteds Destructive Storm Paint Horse 19yo Mare
BHR Ascending to Royalty Paint Horse 20yo Mare
Main Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
DAT Doubtful Ramification Appaloosa 8yo Mare
Knights Gonna Gamble on ME Appaloosa 8yo Mare
DAT Holstered Defiance Appaloosa 9yo Mare
DAT Doubtful Legacy Appaloosa 8yo Stallion
Stallion #683867 Appaloosa 9yo Stallion
Colt #686833 Paint Horse 2yo Colt
DAT Visionary Prince Paint Horse 2yo Colt
Mare #684314 Paint Horse 8yo Mare
Mare #684317 Paint Horse 8yo Mare
DAT Ceremonial Flag Paint Horse 8yo Mare
DAT Peaceful Image Paint Horse 9yo Mare
DA A Touch Of Royalty Paint Horse 10yo Mare
DATC A Storms Hope Paint Horse 10yo Mare
DAT Sacred Visions Paint Horse 7yo Stallion
Stallion #684320 Paint Horse 8yo Stallion
Stallion #684315 Paint Horse 8yo Stallion
Purchased Horses
Name Breed Age/Sex
DA Cherokee Tears Appaloosa 11yo Mare
DA Gamblers Addiction Appaloosa 11yo Mare
Stallion #682907 Paint Horse 10yo Stallion
Name Breed Age/Sex
DA Visions Of The Son Paint Horse 10yo Stallion
Painters Said My Piece Paint Horse 14yo Stallion
General Info
Signed Up: 5/8/2018
Account Level: Family
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