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Name Breed Age/Sex
Colt #683447 Arabian 1yo Colt
Colt #681262 Arabian 3yo Colt
Filly #682417 Arabian 2yo Filly
Filly #682420 Arabian 2yo Filly
Filly #681265 Arabian 3yo Filly
Mare #678384 Arabian 6yo Mare
Stallion #679655 Arabian 5yo Stallion
Main Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
Filly #683448 Arabian 1yo Filly
Filly #681316 Arabian 3yo Filly
Filly #681199 Arabian 3yo Filly
Filly #681195 Arabian 3yo Filly
Filly #681196 Arabian 3yo Filly
Mare #680176 Arabian 4yo Mare
Mare #680177 Arabian 4yo Mare
Mare #680185 Arabian 4yo Mare
Mare #679652 Arabian 5yo Mare
Stallion #679664 Arabian 5yo Stallion
Stallion #678387 Arabian 6yo Stallion
Stallion #676502 Arabian 9yo Stallion
Stallion #676515 Arabian 9yo Stallion
Name Breed Age/Sex
Master Of Physics (MPys) Arabian 2yo Colt
Persian Scholar (PSch) Arabian 2yo Colt
Plato (Plto) Arabian 2yo Colt
Dumuzid (Dmzd) Arabian 3yo Colt
Literary Classic (Ltry) Arabian 3yo Colt
Classic Court (CCrt) Arabian 4yo Stallion
Heart Of Gold (HrtG) Arabian 5yo Stallion
Aristotle (Aris) Arabian 6yo Stallion
Classical Plato (CPto) Arabian 6yo Stallion
Prince Of Thebes (PThb) Arabian 6yo Stallion
Kassarat Al Qualb (Kass) Arabian 7yo Stallion
Arizona Classic (ArzC) Arabian 9yo Stallion
Measured Response (MesR) Arabian 9yo Stallion
Persian Romeo (PRom) Arabian 9yo Stallion
Classical Persian (CPer) Arabian 11yo Stallion
Adares Argo Arabian 13yo Stallion
Counter Moves (CMov) Arabian 14yo Stallion
Hunters Classic (HntC) Arabian 14yo Stallion
Dark Sphire (DSph) Arabian 15yo Stallion
Utopian Rising (URis) Arabian 15yo Stallion
Classical Portrait (CPor) Arabian 16yo Stallion
Utopian Night (UtoN) Arabian 17yo Stallion
Counterstrike (CStk) Arabian 18yo Stallion
Magic Rain (MagR) Arabian 18yo Stallion
Classical Dance (CDan) Arabian 19yo Stallion
Utopian Storm (UtoS) Arabian 21yo Stallion
Brood Mares
Name Breed Age/Sex
Shakespearean Classic (ShsC) Arabian 3yo Filly
Carnelian (Carn) Arabian 5yo Mare
SandCastle (SndC) Arabian 5yo Mare
Striking Lass (SLas) Arabian 5yo Mare
Classic Play (CPla) Arabian 6yo Mare
Classics In The Dark (ClsD) Arabian 6yo Mare
Utopian Lady (UtoL) Arabian 6yo Mare
With Lightning Grace (WLGc) Arabian 8yo Mare
Classical Lights (ClLt) Arabian 9yo Mare
Classical Voyage (CVoy) Arabian 9yo Mare
CounterSpell (CntS) Arabian 9yo Mare
Light Up The Dark (LUTD) Arabian 9yo Mare
Classical Lass (CLas) Arabian 11yo Mare
AZF SHEER TRINNA Arabian 12yo Mare
Counter Measure (CMes) Arabian 15yo Mare
Striking Lady (StkL) Arabian 15yo Mare
Dark Utopia (DUto) Arabian 16yo Mare
Fair Lady (FarL) Arabian 18yo Mare
Persian Starlight (PerS) Arabian 18yo Mare
Playing After Dark (PADk) Arabian 18yo Mare
This Magic Moment (TMMm) Arabian 18yo Mare
Before The Storm (BStm) Arabian 20yo Mare
Classics In The Park (ClsP) Arabian 20yo Mare
Aladdins Magic Carpet (AlMC) Arabian 22yo Mare
Dancing In Dreams (DanD) Arabian 22yo Mare
Summer Romance (SRom) Arabian 23yo Mare
Name Breed Age/Sex
Golden Lass (GldL) Arabian 1yo Filly
Purchased Horses
Name Breed Age/Sex
Painter Master Carpenter Paint Horse 8yo Stallion
General Info
Signed Up: 1/4/2011
Account Level: Family
Halter/In Hand
English Pleasure
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"Western Entries under 5 yrs"
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