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Name Breed Age/Sex
Colt #672533 Thoroughbred 0yo Colt
Colt #672116 Thoroughbred 1yo Colt
Filly #672534 Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
Filly #672660 Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
Filly #672118 Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
Filly #671994 Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
Filly #672117 Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
Filly #671634 Thoroughbred 2yo Filly
Filly #671635 Thoroughbred 2yo Filly
Sunday Sun (SSun) Thoroughbred 2yo Filly
Filly #670953 Thoroughbred 3yo Filly
Mare #669638 Thoroughbred 5yo Mare
Mare #669043 Thoroughbred 7yo Mare
Name Breed Age/Sex
Dragon Master (DrgM) Thoroughbred 2yo Colt
Highway Man (HiwM) Thoroughbred 3yo Colt
Victoria (Vica) Thoroughbred 4yo Stallion
Roll The Dice (RDic) Thoroughbred 7yo Stallion
Shady Dealer (SDea) Thoroughbred 8yo Stallion
Black Dragon (BlkD) Thoroughbred 9yo Stallion
Dragons Beat (DgBt) Thoroughbred 9yo Stallion
Express Train (ExpT) Thoroughbred 10yo Stallion
Black Sea (BlkC) Thoroughbred 11yo Stallion
Shifting Shadow (ShSh) Thoroughbred 11yo Stallion
Skipping Stones (SkpS) Thoroughbred 11yo Stallion
Freight Train (FTrn) Thoroughbred 12yo Stallion
Toe The Line (ToeL) Thoroughbred 15yo Stallion
Risk Your Heart (RskH) Thoroughbred 18yo Stallion
Name Breed Age/Sex
Art Show (ASho) Thoroughbred 3yo Mare
Artistic Promise (ArtP) Thoroughbred 3yo Mare
Arts N Letters (ALet) Thoroughbred 3yo Mare
Airline Hostess (AirH) Thoroughbred 5yo Mare
Dragons Harbour (DHar) Thoroughbred 5yo Mare
Show Me A Good Time Thoroughbred 5yo Mare
Black Queen (BQue) Thoroughbred 7yo Mare
Waltz With The Dragon (WWTD) Thoroughbred 7yo Mare
Dublin Lane (DubL) Thoroughbred 9yo Mare
Forever Irish (ForI) Thoroughbred 9yo Mare
Babbling Brook (BBrk) Thoroughbred 10yo Mare
Boxcar Betty (BBet) Thoroughbred 10yo Mare
Georgia On My Mind (GaMM) Thoroughbred 10yo Mare
Skip The Train (SkpT) Thoroughbred 10yo Mare
Borneo (Born) Thoroughbred 11yo Mare
Georgia Bound (GBnd) Thoroughbred 11yo Mare
Rockette (Rock) Thoroughbred 11yo Mare
Sail Into The Sun (SITS) Thoroughbred 11yo Mare
Licorice Twist (LicT) Thoroughbred 14yo Mare
Roller Derby Glory (RDGy) Thoroughbred 14yo Mare
Midnight Train (MidT) Thoroughbred 15yo Mare
Risky Voyage (RkyV) Thoroughbred 15yo Mare
Show Girl (ShoG) Thoroughbred 15yo Mare
Spinning Tales (STal) Thoroughbred 15yo Mare
Walkin To Georgia (WTGa) Thoroughbred 15yo Mare
Travelling Show (TSho) Thoroughbred 17yo Mare
Name Breed Age/Sex
Bridal Train (Brid) Thoroughbred 2yo Filly
Alexandria (Alex) Thoroughbred 2yo Mare
Irish Princess (IshP) Thoroughbred 2yo Mare
Queen Of Sheba (QShe) Thoroughbred 2yo Mare
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Account Level: Family
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