Kirkstall Farms

Sales - Auction
Name Breed Age/Sex
Kirkstall Utopian Silver(UtoS) Arabian 3yo Colt
Filly #687699 Arabian 2yo Filly
Filly #687835 Arabian 2yo Filly
Main Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
Colt #688364 Arabian 0yo Colt
Colt #688409 Arabian 0yo Colt
Colt #688410 Arabian 0yo Colt
Colt #688087 Arabian 1yo Colt
Colt #687808 Arabian 2yo Colt
Colt #687809 Arabian 2yo Colt
Filly #687834 Arabian 2yo Filly
Filly #687837 Arabian 2yo Filly
Arabian - Stallions
Name Breed Age/Sex
Kirkstall Pharaohs Gold (PhGd) Arabian 4yo Stallion
Arabian - Brood Mares
Name Breed Age/Sex
Kirkstall Queen O Hearts(QHrt) Arabian 2yo Filly
Kirkstall A Star Is Born(AStr) Arabian 4yo Mare
Kirkstall Firefly (FFly) Arabian 4yo Mare
Kirkstall Utopian Legacy(UtoL) Arabian 4yo Mare
Orions Queen (OrnQ) Arabian 4yo Mare
Kirkstall VooDoo Magic (VDMc) Arabian 7yo Mare
Mare #686206 Arabian 8yo Mare
Kirkstall WHA Legacy (WHLc) Arabian 11yo Mare
Kirkstall Firelight (FrLt) Arabian 15yo Mare
Kirkstall Magic Lamp (MgcL) Arabian 15yo Mare
Kirkstall Orions Star (OStr) Arabian 15yo Mare
Kirkstall Pharaoh Queen (PhQn) Arabian 15yo Mare
Kirkstall LightsInTheSky(LITS) Arabian 20yo Mare
Kirkstall LiteUp The Sky (LUTS Arabian 25yo Mare
Purchased Horses
Name Breed Age/Sex
Painters Bang-A-Gong Paint Horse 11yo Stallion
Painters Master Of Ceremony Paint Horse 11yo Stallion
Painter Master Carpenter Paint Horse 20yo Stallion
Source Project
Name Breed Age/Sex
G05 Genoa 678332 Arabian 18yo Mare
G04 Amarillo 677644 Arabian 19yo Mare
15h plus
Name Breed Age/Sex
Colt #687609 Arabian 2yo Colt
Kirkstall Noble Woman (NblW) Arabian 2yo Filly
Mare #686292 Arabian 7yo Mare
Kirkstall () Arabian 7yo Mare
Kirkstall Lady Grace (LGrc) Arabian 7yo Mare
Kirkstall Coronet (Crnt) Arabian 8yo Mare
Kirkstall Stargate () Arabian 8yo Mare
Kirkstall Utopian Star (UStr) Arabian 10yo Mare
Kirkstall Tahirah (Tahr) Arabian 11yo Mare
Kirkstall Adara (Adra) Arabian 12yo Mare
Kirkstall Safa (Safa) Arabian 12yo Mare
Kirkstall Samantha (Smth) Arabian 12yo Mare
Kirkstall Sara (Sara) Arabian 12yo Mare
Kirkstall Stardate (SDat) Arabian 12yo Mare
Kirkstall Thwayya (Thwy) Arabian 12yo Mare
Kirkstall Sadira (Sadr) Arabian 14yo Mare
Kirkstall Sabirah (Sabi) Arabian 15yo Mare
Kirkstall Samar (Samr) Arabian 15yo Mare
Kirkstall Counter Action(CAct) Arabian 21yo Mare
Kirkstall Standing Tall (STll) Arabian 7yo Stallion
Kirkstall Nobility (Nblt) Arabian 10yo Stallion
Kirkstall Saleem (Slem) Arabian 14yo Stallion
General Info
Signed Up: 10/21/2013
Account Level: Family
Halter/In Hand
English Pleasure
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