Weather Hill

HiH Show
Name Breed Age/Sex
AZF HOLY INGLIS Thoroughbred 2yo Colt
WHA Flight of Fancy Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
WHT Dragon Lady Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
WHT Night Blooming Dragon Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
To Waltz at Almacks Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
Gold Necklace Thoroughbred 6yo Pregnant Mare
Shutter Speed Thoroughbred 6yo Pregnant Mare
BroodMare Barn
Name Breed Age/Sex
AZF SAHARA Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
AZF STIRLING CLEMMIE Thoroughbred 2yo Pregnant Mare
Treasured Story Thoroughbred 2yo Pregnant Mare
WBS Time Square Thoroughbred 4yo Pregnant Mare
Clemmie Thoroughbred 5yo Pregnant Mare
Eithrig Thoroughbred 6yo Pregnant Mare
AZF Irish Cream Thoroughbred 7yo Pregnant Mare
Gavenia Thoroughbred 7yo Pregnant Mare
Bon Nuit Thoroughbred 10yo Pregnant Mare
Bourne Remarkable Times (RTim) Thoroughbred 10yo Pregnant Mare
Licorice Twist (LicT) Thoroughbred 19yo Pregnant Mare
Bourne High Tide Thoroughbred 20yo Pregnant Mare
Remarkable Secret (RemS) Thoroughbred 25yo Pregnant Mare
Training Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
WHT Bold Goshawk Thoroughbred 0yo Colt
WHT Irish Gold Jingo Thoroughbred 0yo Colt
WHT The Wild Side of Gold Thoroughbred 0yo Colt
WHT Wild Spanish Doubloon Thoroughbred 0yo Colt
AZF CLEM ROOD Thoroughbred 1yo Colt
Endymion Thoroughbred 1yo Colt
Savile Row Thoroughbred 1yo Colt
WHT Carrauntoohill Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
WHT Its A Pleasure Clemmie Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
WHT Maybe In Mumbai Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
WHT The Pleasure Is All Mine Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
Fire Craig Falcon Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
My Darling Clementine Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
WHT Georgias Wild Side Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
Wild Spirit Preciosa Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
Main Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
Colt #676437 Thoroughbred 0yo Colt
Filly #676438 Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
Auction barn
Name Breed Age/Sex
WHT Irish Coffee Please Thoroughbred 0yo Colt
Filly #676391 Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
Taigh an Ròid Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
WH Wild Liquorice Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
Iseabail Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
Name Breed Age/Sex
Colt #676393 Thoroughbred 0yo Colt
Filly #676392 Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
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