There are numerous factors that go into the judging of the western pleasure classes on Showhorse.com.  In not particular order they include;


(Items with a * are items that are currently impacting the Western Pleasure test shows.  The other items will be added as we complete the process of developing this feature)




Horses with more experience in the ring will tend to do better.


Familiarity with Rider*


Horses will develop familiarity with certain riders the more often they are ridden by them.


Rider Skill*


Different riders have different skill levels.  Users can increase their skill level at western pleasure by focusing their efforts on the western pleasure discipline. 




Horses with a more docile temperament will tend to do better in western pleasure on Showhorse.com.


General Skill


Some horses are just more skilled at western pleasure than others.  This can be developed through breeding successive generations of horses.



The overall balance of a horses traits has an influence on how well it moves around the ring.


Horse Age*


Weanling and yearling horses are far too young to be competing in the western pleasure classes against older, more mature horses.  Horses under three years old have a rather steep learning curve they must overcome in order to be competitive.

Horses under 2 years of age cannot compete in Pro Western Pleasure.

Last Updated: 8/27/2012 2:48:32 PM