Class Divisions

Horses from different breeds do not compete with each other. 


Halter classes are broken down into the following categories for breeds in which the sexes are separated...

Mare Division

  • Weanling Fillies
  • Yearling Fillies
  • 2YO Fillies
  • Junior Mares 3-5YO
  • Senior Mares 5YO+

Stallion Division

  • Weanling Colts
  • Yearling Colts
  • 2YO Colts
  • Junior Stallions 3-5YO
  • Senior Stallions 5YO+

Gelding Division

  • Yearling Geldings
  • 2YO Geldings
  • Junior Geldings 3-5YO
  • Senior Geldings 5YO+

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