Placing a horse up for stud

To place your horse up for stud, first go to the stallion's page.  Under "Owner Options," which is located under your horse's picture, you can then click on "Place horse up for stud."  When you reach that page, you can then choose the amount of money you want other people to pay when they use your stud.

You also have the option of putting him up for Approval Only.  If you choose this option, then you will receive a message any time somebody wants to use your stud.  You then have the option to accept that request, or deny it.

You may put a horse up for stud at any time but he must be two-years old in order to breed. 

Stud fees are restricted to only being changed once every 48-hrs.

Once a horse is put up for stud, he cannot be taken down for 48-hrs.

Once a horse has his stud fee changed, he cannot have his stud fee changed or be completely taken down from stud for 48-hrs.

Last Updated: 5/16/2012 12:53:27 PM