What You Get

As a Basic player, you have limited options, such as:

  •   Only being allowed five horses at one time
  •   Not having the option to breed
  •    You can not use the chat rooms
  •   You are not allowed access to the Premium forum
  •  You may own stallions but not use them

When you upgrade your status to Premium, you are allowed the following options:

  •  You can have as many horses as you want
  •  The option to breed
  •  You recieve Daily Salary
  •  You are allowed to use the chat room
  •  You gain access to the Premier forum
  •  You can buy pregnant mares
  •  You have the immedeate option of Private Sales to other stables


There are many reasons to upgrade to a Premium account, although there are still various things that you can do as a Basic account, such as obtain good studs for other people to use, and you can gain points for horses to sell later.

Last Updated: 7/14/2008 6:20:28 PM