Basic Etiquette on

   Selling horses:   

Some breeders that sell their horses though Private sales, have strong feelings about seeing their horses in auction.  They feel that they sold them Privately for a reason, be that for breeding or that they were too nice for the auction.  It is courtius to message the stable that you originally purchased the horse from, to see if they would like to purchase it back.

Stable Prefixes:

Many stables use prefixes in front of the horses they breed, as a mark to show other breeders and players that this was bred by them.  For example, AAA Ranch might use the prefix AAA in front of their horses names.

It is considered rude to use another stable's prefix in front of your horses, so instead of starting a conflict over that, be creative and come up with your own Prefix.  It makes it easier for all involved.

Offering on Horses: 

Many stables find it annoying to have players offering on horses that aren't for sale.  So if you see a horse in a stable that you would like to purchase, but you know is not for sale, it would be much better just to either send them a message, or offer on a horse that is currently for sale.  If you are unsue whether the horse is availible or not, send that player a message.

If is also very inconsiderate to offer low amounts of money on a horse that places very well in Pro shows.  Chances are the stable will decline your offer, and it will tarnish your reputation.

Please keep these things in mind while playing Showhorse.

Last Updated: 5/6/2008 7:51:24 PM