Transferring Horses

Do not sell a horse to one account for a high price and then buy it back for a low price.  If you sell a horse to another user, it needs to be because you want to sell the horse to that user and nothing else. 

If you are caught selling horses back and forth in an attempt to move money into one account you will be banned regardless of your account's status or history.  The accounts will be immediately shut down, no questions asked.  NO WARNINGS WILL BE SENT, THIS is the only warning.  This is NOT up for interpretation, DO NOT sell horses back and forth to get more money in your main account.

If you are a basic user, do not sell a mare to a premium user so they can breed it and sell it back to you, or sell its foal and the mare back to you.  Getting around the basic account restrictions in this manner is a good way to get an account banned.

Extreme Example:  User A Sells Horse A for $50 to User B.  The same day User B sells Horse A back to User A for $5,000.


Last Updated: 6/23/2009 6:06:30 PM