Not Acceptable in Forums

The following is not acceptable in the forums, and will be either locked or deleted.

Religion- Depending on the comments this will get your post locked or edited. In extreme examples it will be deleted.

Politics- Will get your post locked and or deleted.  Its too touchy a subject to bring into these forums and obviously is not allowed.

Personal information- Will be edited out. If its more then your first name then its not safe to be on any website. Its for your safety.

Rudeness- Depending on the level, will be edited and if serious enough WILL BE REPORTED.

Swearing- Swearing will be edited, deleted and reported ; usually results in you being banned from the forums.

Multiple/Double Posts- If you accidentally post twice, or click the post new topic 10 times and it doubles your post like crazy we will delete the extra posts. The only case where we won't is if they are in different forums. Such as a horse for sale in the Sale forum and the Breed forum. But if its in the same topic or the same forum its going to be deleted.

Bumping Posts- If your post is not on the second page of that particular forum, it will be locked if you 'bump' it to the top. The only cases where this will be allowed is editing or adding new information.

Bringing up old posts- If there was a post made 2 months ago that no one has touched for those 2 months, it does not need to be replied to again. Its over and done with and will be locked.

Text Talk- IF u TlK lke ThS or put in 300 !!!!!!!! your post probably will be edited. Not all of us can read or understand what you are saying and too many exclamation points mess up the format of the page. Which in turn sets off headaches and migraines in some of the players here, so be polite and try not to do this.

-Forum Moderators

Last Updated: 11/5/2008 5:42:25 PM