Trader Tax

The tax on the NET PROFIT is based on how long you own the horse before you put it up for sale or sell it via private treaty.

  • Less than 1 day – 50% tax
  • 1-2 days – 33% tax
  • 2-5 days – 25% tax
  • 5-10 days – 10% tax
  • 10+ days – No Tax

There is no tax credit for horses traded at a loss and you will be notified of what the tax rate will be on the auction setup page when you sell a horse.

The time owned is based on the difference in time between when the horse purchase was recorded and when the horse is placed up for sale or when it is sold via private treaty.

The revenue from the horse trading tax will be placed back into the simulation via daily salaries.

There is no tax on the first sale of a horse or horses owned for ten days or more.

Last Updated: 11/25/2008 9:39:20 AM