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BMT Girl Stuff

Red dun roan tobiano Paint Horse
Color: Red dun roan tobiano
Height: 15.1h
Owner: Big Horn Ranch
Call Name: OAT: 1752 StDev: 10.07 Halter: 726.82 Temp: 58
Breeder: BlueSkyMT
Age/Sex: 19
Breed: Paint Horse
Generation: 42
Birthdate: 10/9/2015 12:00:12 AM
Status: Mare
Current Location: United States
Stable: Sale Barn
Current Training:

Pedigree of BMT Girl Stuff
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Painters Golden Flame
ApRS Dark Flame
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S7 Sweet Emotion
BMT Sweet Emotions
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Generation 42
Painters Impressionist
Painters Picasso
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BMT Dali Girl
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Skin 103
Hair Coat 114
Head 97
Throat Latch 112
Bone 111
Feet 87
Forearm 104
Shoulder 105
Loin 99
Croup 80
Stifle 87
Gaskin 97
Topline 100
Back 82
Croup 88
Girth 88
Shoulder 105
Neck 93
Temp 58
Stock Traits
Cow Sense 46
Agility 64
Surefoot 42

Old View
For Sale
Current Bid: $0.00
High Bidder: Big Horn Ranch
Time left: 16 hrs 55 min
End time:
5/27/2017 8:06:06 PM
History: 0 bids
Description: This is a liquidation sale. If the horse is not bought it will be removed from the game.
Liquidation Min: $1,000

Recent Show Results
Sale Record
1/13/2016 Big Horn Ranch $475