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BigSky Lookouts Blue Lightning

Buckskin tobiano Paint Horse
Color: Buckskin tobiano
Height: 15.2h
Owner: Big Sky
Call Name: 1626(559-520-547)T64 C62 A65 S46 HiH 730.60 15.2H
Breeder: WeatherHill Performance Horses
Age/Sex: 2
Breed: Paint Horse
Generation: 46
Birthdate: 12/16/2017 12:00:22 AM
Status: Pregnant
Bred to: Bigsky Blazing Renegade
Due Date: 3/5/2018
Current Location: United States
Stable: 15.2H Broodmares
Current Training:

Pedigree of BigSky Lookouts Blue Lightning
Painters Blue Rose
Painters Bolt Outta The Blue
Painters Soft Fire
WHPH Bolt of Blue Lightning
Painters Artistically Speaking
AZF Artists Reine
Painters Amazon Reine
Generation 46
P8nteds Touch of Lightening
CRR Renegade Raid
sOs GoodTimeGirl
WHPH Raiders Watchful Lookout
P8 Nights Watch
P8nteds Watchful Lookout
P8nteds All That Glitters
Skin 96
Hair Coat 100
Head 88
Throat Latch 96
Bone 95
Feet 84
Forearm 79
Shoulder 95
Loin 81
Croup 83
Stifle 94
Gaskin 88
Topline 80
Back 108
Croup 87
Girth 84
Shoulder 86
Neck 102
Temp 64
Stock Traits
Cow Sense 62
Agility 65
Surefoot 46

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12/16/2017 Big Sky $0