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WHT Remarkable Wild Time

Gray Thoroughbred
Color: Gray
Height: 16.2h
Owner: Weather Hill
Call Name: 1563(536-538-489)T66 C63 A60 S56 HiH 710.88 16.2H
Breeder: Weather Hill
Age/Sex: 6
Breed: Thoroughbred
Generation: 42
Birthdate: 1/2/2018 12:00:05 AM
Status: Stallion
Current Location: United States
Stable: Stallions 16.2H
Current Training:

Lifetime Events Points Earnings Event Avg
English Pleasure 4 -- $0.00 $0.00

Pedigree of WHT Remarkable Wild Time
Wild The Last Reject
Walk On The Wild Side (WWS)
Wild Sensei Siren
WHT Walk In Remarkable Times
Showme Wild Time (SmWT)
Bourne Remarkable Times (RTim)
Bourne Remarkable Force (RFor)
Generation 42
Wild Rock Dragon
Showme Wild Time (SmWT)
Wild Danger
WHT Loves Wild Time
Bourne A Man Of Action
Love In Motion (LvMo)
Love Me Do (LMeD)
Skin 90
Hair Coat 74
Head 90
Throat Latch 94
Bone 101
Feet 87
Forearm 77
Shoulder 89
Loin 101
Croup 85
Stifle 89
Gaskin 97
Topline 78
Back 80
Croup 73
Girth 80
Shoulder 78
Neck 100
Temp 66
Stock Traits
Cow Sense 63
Agility 60
Surefoot 56

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Stud Info
Stud Fee: $250
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Recent Show Results
April 2018 Dupage County Horse Show
EP · 3rd in Show · A4/7/2018
April 2018 Hooves and Halos
EP · 3rd in Class · A4/7/2018
April 2018 Texas Premier
EP · 8th in Semi · A4/6/2018
April 2018 Everglades Regional
EP · 3rd in Class · A4/5/2018
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