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Green River Silent Runner

Grulla tobiano Quarter Horse
Color: Grulla tobiano
Height: 15.1h
Owner: Green River Stables
Call Name: 750.33
Breeder: Green River Stables
Age/Sex: 6
Breed: Quarter Horse
Generation: 47
Birthdate: 1/10/2018 12:00:09 AM
Status: Pregnant
Bred to: Green River Sandstorm
Due Date: 7/24/2018
Current Location: United States
Stable: quarter horse mares
Current Training:

Pedigree of Green River Silent Runner
DDR Stoned Delight
ACE Stoned Criminal
DDR Dun Shotgun Criminal
ITR Stoned Into Silence
D R R Jump Start
ITR Song of Ice and Fire
BaHF Retro Double
Generation 47
ITR BlackHeart
Green River BlackHeart Kid
Green River return of Thunder
Green River Chakote
TLR Dragon River
ITR Fire Dragon
sOs Wicked Maddness
Skin 95
Hair Coat 105
Head 92
Throat Latch 92
Bone 101
Feet 98
Forearm 83
Shoulder 93
Loin 83
Croup 108
Stifle 91
Gaskin 102
Topline 102
Back 90
Croup 77
Girth 90
Shoulder 90
Neck 92
Temp 42
Stock Traits
Cow Sense 49
Agility 53
Surefoot 37

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