October 2017 North Texas Futurity Pro

Place Horse Sire & Dam Owner Score
1 ORR Seaside Lament s: Bar T Grulla Warfare
d: BRR Seastone Chair
P8ntedPny 226.5
2 ORR Gamblers Addiction s: CDM Heza Gamblin Man
d: BRR Blue Gold
P8ntedPny 224.5
3 ORR Ghost Dancer s: ORR Almost A Ghost
d: ORR Gamblers Addiction
P8ntedPny 217.5
4 Adares Bolted s: Adares Lightning
d: Adares Lineage
Harlow Hills 213.5
5 Heir Apparent FSS s: Prince Benjamin FSS
d: Kirkstall Royal Sound FSS
Harlow Hills 209
6 ORR Almost A Ghost s: LLR Almost A Gonner
d: BHR Ghost And The Darkness
P8ntedPny 205.5
7 ORR Ghost of A Chance s: ORR Almost A Ghost
d: ORR Gunmetal Blue
P8ntedPny 205
My Mama Said s: Green River Overload Taken
d: Arkabutla Lake
Harlow Hills 205
Harlow Hills 204
10 Cache Ap Snoopy s: Cache Ap Little Leopold
d: Cache Ap Snow White
Harlow Hills 201.5
11 Southern Proper s: LLR Chief FewSpots
d: Cache AP Hold That Thought
Harlow Hills 200
12 Adares Stannis s: Adares Royale
d: Adares Damnation
Harlow Hills 198.5
13 Arkansassy s: Nureyev (Nryv)
d: Skip A Beat (SkAB)
Harlow Hills 194
14 Green River Balance Stone s: ITR Stoned Into Silence
d: TZ Golden Flames
Harlow Hills 192
15 Adares Aldrif s: Adares Lightning
d: Adares Valhalla
Harlow Hills 190
Matter of Fast s: Source Horse
d: Source Horse
Harlow Hills 190
17 Adares Phillipa s: King Richard (KngR)
d: Adares Victoria
Harlow Hills 189
18 Right Hand Red s: Class Action (CAct))
d: Fair Lady (FarL)
Harlow Hills 188.5
19 Chillinnium s: Source Horse
d: Source Horse
Harlow Hills 187.5
20 Green River High Spirits s: CRR Ghostly Encounter
d: ITR Fire Dragon
Harlow Hills 186
21 Green River BlackHeart Kid s: ITR BlackHeart
d: Green River return of Thunder
Harlow Hills 183
22 Bourne Sailors Joker (SalJ) s: Bourne Sailors Take Warning
d: Jokers Wild (JokW)
Harlow Hills 181