Offspring of TQA Must See the Band

Current Pregnancies
Dam Due Date Owner

Name Other Parent Birthdate Sex Owner
Mya Star ESS Shameless Star 5/11/2017 Mare Evening Star Stables
TQA Band of Spirits TQA Reine Spirit 5/11/2017 Stallion Horse Pool
TQA See and Touch AZF Hess Touch 5/11/2017 Pregnant Tranquility Acres West
TQA Shining Band TQA High Gold Shine 5/11/2017 Stallion Horse Pool
TQA Must See the Snow CRR Obsessed With Snow 5/19/2017 Pregnant Tranquility Acres West
Horse ID#673099 Painters Rising Flame 5/19/2017 Mare Horse Pool
TQA Seeing Reine TQA Reine Band 5/31/2017 Stallion Tranquility Acres West
Horse ID#673414 TQA High Gold Shine 5/31/2017 Stallion Horse Pool
Horse ID#673415 TQA Its Dun ReineN 5/31/2017 Stallion Horse Pool
TQA Seeing Double TQA See the Thunder 6/14/2017 Mare Horse Pool
Horse ID#674073 TQA Rose Snap 6/27/2017 Mare Horse Pool
AZF BOILING GOLD TQA Rising Mistress 7/19/2017 Pregnant Arizona Falls Paints
AZF IRIDIUM BAND TQA Iridium 7/21/2017 Pregnant Arizona Falls Paints
Horse ID#674737 TQA Nasturtium 7/21/2017 Colt Horse Pool
TQA Band of Platinum TQA Platinum 7/21/2017 Mare Horse Pool
TQA Touch of the Band TQA Titanium Touch 7/21/2017 Colt Tranquility Acres
TQA Must Be Awe TQA Awestruck 7/21/2017 Colt Horse Pool
TQA See the Gold TQA Rising Gold 7/21/2017 Colt Horse Pool
TQA Autumn Band TQA Miss Autumn 7/21/2017 Colt Tranquility Acres
TQA Rise and See TQA Rise and Raid 7/21/2017 Colt Horse Pool
Horse ID#674744 TQA Thunder Reine Down 7/21/2017 Colt Horse Pool
Horse ID#674929 TQA Autumn Raid 7/29/2017 Filly Horse Pool
TQA Miss Thunder Band TQA Miss Thunder 7/29/2017 Mare Horse Pool
TQA Raid the Band TQA Golden Raider 7/29/2017 Pregnant Tranquility Acres
Horse ID#675170 TQA Titanium Obsessed 8/11/2017 Colt Horse Pool
Gold Rising Band TQA Gold Rising 8/23/2017 Filly Horse Pool
TQA Banded Rose Painters Primrose 8/27/2017 Mare Tranquility Acres
Horse ID#675607 TQA Nasturtium 8/28/2017 Colt Horse Pool
Horse ID#676093 TQA Titanium Reine Band 9/12/2017 Colt Horse Pool